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Open your eyes. Can’t you see that I needed you on my side to kill Gus? I ran over those gangbangers. I killed Emilio and Krazy 8. Why? I did all of those things to try to save your life just as much as mine, only you’re too stupid to know it. 

Come on! That O’Keeffe lady kept trying over and over until that stupid door was perfect.

and that’s what you’re gonna sell out for? pennies? why?

and this is your way of ripping my heart out before you’re dead and gone!

"A scene for the DVD that the fans had never seen"

Michelle MaClaren [director. executive producer]: Vince actually said to his writing assistants, “you guys come up with an idea that is something we would’ve put into a episode but we didn’t have the time to do.”

Gordon Smith [writer]: Jenn, Caroline and I tried to figure out when we could tell a story that would fit within the, you know, established storyline.

Jenn Carroll [writer]: So we sat down and brainstormed any tiny moment where we could add about ten minutes in. The initial scene takes place within episode 5.08 “Gliding Over All”

Gordon: We realized that there was a space between where Walt sees Jesse at the beginning, and then later when Walt shows up at Jesse’s door with the bags of money.